​​​​​DeLatte’s performance is unusual because she is more widely known as a singing actress...she does not disappoint in this performance, providing several moments that move the comedy along. (Alan Smason, TheatreCriticism.com) review of David Mamet's NovemberFull Review Here 

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As Maleficent in Descendants

David Mamet's November

​​​Jennifer DeLatte is a revelation in her portrayal of Clarice Bernstein. Known for her lovely voice and fine performances in musical comedies, she brings both a sharp tongue and genuine emotion to “November,” finding the heart of the drama within the comedy. (Theodore P. Mahne, NOLA.com).  Full Review Here 

​​​Jennifer DeLatte

​​​​​Jennifer DeLatte gives an embracing performance as Mrs. Potts, the teapot. Her velvety warm rendition of the title song is particularly lovely. (Theodore P. Mahne, NOLA.com) Full Review Here 

​​But it is DeLatte's soaring soprano in "Waiting" where chills are truly felt... ​​(Alan Smason, TheatreCriticism.com) review of The Addams Family. Full Review Here

​​​As the diva’s primary nemesis, Jennifer DeLatte sparkles as Ursula Uppington. With a mad twinkle in her eye, and a silvery tone, she gleefully plots her way across the stage. (Theodore P. Mahne, NOLA.com) review of How to Kill A Diva. Full Review Here 

​​​Jennifer DeLatte is effervescent as Anne (Egerman).  ​She lights up the stage. (Lynn Felder, Winston-Salem Journal) review of Piedmont Opera's ​A Little Night Music. Full Review Here

Jennifer DeLatte is a pure comic genius as ditzy blonde star Lina Lamont. (Alan Smason, ​The Examiner).